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Benefits of Keeping a Physical Office while Working from Home

The Coronavirus pandemic currently sweeping the globe has redefined for many of us what a “normal” workday looks like. Millions of people, freelancers and startup owners among them, have found themselves forced from their offices as “nonessential workers.” Many have had to begin working from home just to keep their businesses going.

If you fall into this category, you might be considering whether it’s worth it to keep paying rent on office space you are unable to use. If so, you might not want to let go of your office just yet. Let’s explore several benefits of maintaining your physical office space during stay-at-home orders.

Let Your Customers Know You’re Still Open for Business

With all the change happening in the world right now, and with so many businesses in flux, you don’t want clients assuming you’ve shut down. Keeping your office address operational sends a message of stability, letting your customers know there’s no need to panic—that you’re still there for them. Changing your address to a home address would signify a change that your clients might take the wrong way. You can always make temporary arrangements to have your office mail forwarded to your home. Keeping your office address as the status quo may be very well worth the investment in the long run—especially if you’re able to keep your customers from looking elsewhere.

Reminds You that You’re Still in Business

Keeping your office may have certain psychological benefits for you, as well. Transitioning from your office to your living room may make you feel like your business is on life support, even if you don’t experience a drop in clients. Keeping your office doesn’t add anything to your budget (you were already paying for it)—and knowing that your office space is there waiting for you may give you the extra motivation you need to keep working hard and growing your business.

Avoid the Rush

Eventually, though perhaps not as fast as anyone would like, the pandemic will subside and people will start returning to work. If you’ve let go of your office space during the quarantine, you’ll find yourself among a throng of business owners scrambling to compete for possibly limited space—not to mention the sudden demand could drive up prices. By “staying the course” and keeping your physical office, you’ll avoid that mad dash completely. You’ll know you have someplace to go when they finally let us all out of the house.

If you don’t yet have an office and you’d like to get ahead of the curve, a coworking space might be just what you need to make the transition when the pandemic ends. Give us a call at 720-600-0065 to learn about availability.

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