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Scale your Home Business with a Virtual Office

Your home business is up and running, you’ve got a steady supply of customers, and your thoughts are beginning to turn toward how you can expand and grow while keeping costs lean. In short: you’re ready to scale. Although there are countless paths to a scalable business, establishing a virtual office can be a key step to success.  Here’s why.

Cost-effectiveness. If you’re outgrowing your home office, having a virtual office is an ideal transitional step before leasing a traditional commercial space. With a virtual office, you don’t have to worry about the typical overhead costs or capital expenditures–rent, utilities, office equipment, staff–that comes with a lease. Instead, you pay for the space you need: whether that’s a desk with a lockable filing cabinet or a fully-enclosed private office. Saving money on these costs frees up more funds to invest in your product or other growth opportunities.

Increased Productivity. Running a business from home can be convenient, but distracting.Your family, much as you love them, can often disrupt your focus or encroach upon your workspace. When you’re frustrated or bored, your television, refrigerator, or that squeaky door that needs oiling, might prove a little too tempting.  A virtual office eliminates these distractions and temptations, allowing you to focus exclusively on your business.  

Gives a professional presence. As your business grows, you may have an increasing need for live client meetings, a professional address, or other outward signs of a prosperous business. A high-quality virtual office offers all the conveniences of a modern office, from professional conference facilities for meetings to laser printers to a call answering service. These amenities not only make life easier for you, it sends a signal to clients, competitors, and investors that your business is on the move.

Best of all, when you’re ready to move into a commercial space, you can easily transition from your virtual office: no equipment to unload, no utilities to cancel. Just pick up and go. 

If you would like to discuss how having a virtual office can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 720.600.0065.

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