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Credential Your Company with a Business (Not Home) Address

The history of entrepreneurship is full of stories of brands launching in bedrooms, garages, even an oversized closet space. There’s a certain appeal of a group of young geniuses putting their heads together wherever they find themselves. It’s the stuff of legends

Humble beginnings can make for a great story. But a rags-to-riches tale only makes sense after the riches, right? While you’re still in the process of building your business, a makeshift space or a residential address may not be communicating the message you want to potential investors and customers. A business address communicates professionalism.

As you launch your business, you wouldn’t overlook other home office essentials like the right ergonomic chair, fast and reliable internet service, or a great computer. In the same way, you can’t overlook a proper business address.

The Case Against a PO Box

Sure, you can always get a post office box to keep your business mail separate from your home mail. In fact, it’s probably an important first step as you start exploring launching a business. But PO boxes aren’t ideal for running a business. First, some types of businesses—LLC’s and corporations—are required by law to have a physical address. And a PO box only receives mail from the Postal Service, not FedEx or UPS.

Intangible Asset: Credibility

One of the most important intangibles in business is credibility. And a PO box or a residential address can sound fly-by-night or even amateurish. With brick and mortar representation—in the form of an address—comes a level of permanence and reliability that a PO box just doesn’t communicate. That matters to investors and customers alike.

Recruiting Talent

As you launch your business, you want to surround yourself with the very best talent available. But those workers are often the choosiest and the hardest to attract. Every detail matters when trying to attract the best employees. Offering a sense of security and permanence that a street address communicates can be the difference between attracting the best resumes, and never growing to your full potential.

Part of the job of a successful entrepreneur, whether you start out in a bedroom or an office—is to build credibility that will attract investors, customers and employees. A physical street address can deliver just that.

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of how a flexible office presence with all the advantages of a physical office can benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 855.5.COWORK

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